Faith Acker

Faith D. Acker has taught Latin, Literature, Composition, and other humanities courses for the past fifteen years. She holds a PhD from the University of St Andrews, where she wrote her doctoral thesis on the second edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Since graduation, she has taught at the University of Sheffield (2012-13), Signum University (2011-13, 2016-19), Cornerstone Academy (2013-17), Pellissippi State Community College (2016), Montgomery College (2017-18), Northern Virginia Community College (2017-19), and Southeastern Louisiana University (2020-21). Her book First Readers of Shakespeare’s Sonnets was recently published by Routledge, and her 2020 article “Manuscript Precedents for Editorial Practices in John Benson’s Poems: Written by Wil. Shake-Speare. Gent.” is forthcoming from Shakespeare Quarterly after some production delays.

During the 2019-20 academic year, Faith held library fellowships at the Folger Shakespeare Library (August-November), Beinecke Library (January-March) to work on her new research project examining the portrayals of servants and tradesmen in seventeenth-century poetical miscellanies. She will be continuing her research at the Bodleian Library once it reopens. She presented the paper “Beer, Sex, and Life after Death in Early Modern Epitaphs” at the Summer Festival sponsored by the University of Kent’s Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (June 2020) and offered the guest lecture “Merry Epitaphs of the Seventeenth Century” to students enrolled in “Poetry and Privilege in the Eighteenth Century” at Simon Fraser University in the Fall of 2020.

Faith can be contacted via Twitter,, or email. Please see the .jpg below for the latter.

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